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June 11 2013


How to grow taller "How Your Brain Makes Endorphins - The Body's Natural Morphine"

How to grow taller

When I Discovered Morphine Ecstacy

During my sophomore year in college, a problem developed inside my esophagus . . . I had difficulty swallowing food. The problem became more severe as the year progressed and I admitted myself to a hospital for tests.

Because my food intake was physically limited, How to grow taller beagiant I skipped meals and that led to debilitating headaches--one of which I developed the first night of my two-day stay in the hospital.

The head pain was so severe, a nurse came in to my room and poked me with a needle. I had no idea what the medicine was named, and I was in too much pain to ask.

After only a few seconds following the needle jab, I began to feel warm. Seconds later, my headache was gone, and then I experienced the most incredible feeling of well-being, safety, and relaxation accompanied with euphoria beyond description.

For what seemed an eternity, these feelings intensified, until I finally and peacefully felt the sandman's sleep-inducing gold dust cover my being. I later discovered the shot contained a hefty dose of morphine.

Upon awakening, my first thought was, "I now see how people get How to grow taller hooked on this stuff."

The Search for Natural Euphoria

No, I was never a morphine addict--nor did I have any desire to do drugs. Rather, I began researching ways the human body could naturally manufacture its own "morphine", aka endorphins.

Following my hospital stay, where I was pronounced very healthy, (diagnosis--stress) I became a true health nut:

  • I eliminated sugar, white flour and processed foods.
  • I began running 6-10 miles/day.
  • I began a weightlifting routine.
  • And I voraciously read any and all books I could find relating to human health and well-being.

Once the sugar withdrawals and the exercise soreness went away, I noticed that I was always in a good mood, despite occasional and normal life setbacks. My energy levels skyrocketed and I slept like a 7 year-old kid with no need, nor desire for pills.

I continued on this healthy path for many years . . . well into my late forties, and then. ...

Tragedy Strikes

Imagine, as a parent, the worst possible scenario that could involve your child's welfare. If the picture of death came to your mind, in my opinion, you are 100% correct. Nothing compares with the helpless, hopeless and mind-boggling depths of despair a parent feels upon hearing the news of a son or daughter's early, untimely death . . . and I was no different!

My beautiful daughter, Kasey, was 29 years old when she left this world for an eternal place on November 5, 2008.

Approximately 6 months later, my younger brother died.

Following these events, I sank into a deep, inconsolable depression lasting years.

  • The search for endorphins ended
  • The exercise stopped
  • The feelings of well-being halted
  • Life held no meaning for me

I turned to unnatural substances for false comfort. This unfortunate choice nearly corrupted my How to grow taller health and ruined my professional career.

I became an overweight, out-of-shape, very irritable and unfriendly person. I suffered with these unhealthy conditions for 3 solid years.

Father Time to the Rescue

The adage, "Time heals all wounds," contains partial truth. I am witness to that fact, because in November of 2011, I could sense the overwhelming waves of darkness begin flowing to a mythical ocean, drowning my depression under the healing, outgoing tides.

I remembered the books, the research and the physical activity that once soaked my brain with endorphin baths. Very slowly, yet faithfully, I eased back into exercise mode.

  1. I joined a local gym and began using that facility on a daily basis.
  2. I revisited my trusty and healthy food choices.
  3. I returned to life as the endorphin highs overtook the stagnant, depression-causing chemicals that had set up unwanted residence in my brain!

What Does This Mean For You?

The formula for achieving the natural endorphin high is a simple one:
Regular exercise + healthy eating choices = endorphin nirvana.

That's it.
That's all.

Most any relatively healthy man or woman can enjoy a solid state endorphin flow by simply following the above mentioned formula.

The diet industry has ingrained the false belief that YOU NEED THEM!

Collectively, these diet scams rake in BILLIONS of dollars convincing you that losing weight and enjoying the intense pleasures that endorphins give as you exercise on a regular basis is impossible.

Read closely: ALL TV diets are a waste of time and will do nothing but cost you a ton of money.


The living organism [ . . .] is alive because it moves.

You think too much!
Get up and move!

Movement makes you feel alive and is a contributor to endorphin creation.


  1. Strengthens the most vital muscle in your body--the heart.
  2. Produces deep breathing and clears your lungs.
  3. Sharpens your thinking skills.
  4. Stimulates the endocrine glands.
  5. Produces energy and a feeling of well-being called the endorphin high.
  6. Gives you the natural ability to relax.

So, on what are you waiting? You have reached the end of this Hub now, so get off your duff and MOVE! If you've been sedentary for a long period of time, start slowly and build up gradually.

Learn how to feel.

At first, you will need to force movement, but eventually, your body will tell you when to move. Listen to your body, feel the joy of movement and feast on the pleasures that natural endorphins will bring so long as you stay the movement course right for you.

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